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At TitansVault we strive to bring you a wide range of cheap D2 items & PoE Orbs. We believe in making your Diablo 2 item shopping experience the best it can be with our professional website and excellent live support. We have been trusted by thousands of customers seeking cheap D2 items to deliver the correct items in reasonable time and do not sell unperm runes or items! Perhaps the biggest reason you should buy D2 items from us is that we genuinely care about the Diablo 2 community! We hope we can be your trusted source of cheap Diablo 2 items.
Diablo 2 New Ladder November 22nd, 2016
A new D2 ladder season is starting on November 22nd. Current Ladder characters will be moved to the regular mode as everyone will be able to start a fresh ladder and climb to the top! This season is once again likely to last 6 months, being reset mid-late May in 2017.
D2 Ladder Reset May 26 2015
The Diablo 2 ladder is going to be reset on May 26 2015, continuing the trend of 6 month Ladder seasons players voted for on the battlenet forums. As always TitansVault will be bringing you cheap D2 items as soon as possible with cheap D2 runes and uniques for sale by the end of the first 24 hours. We are committed to being your go-to Diablo 2 shop for your D2 items so we are going to roll out the cheapest Runeword, Annihilus and Hellfire Torch as soon as possible. This season we will also be rolling out the cheapest D2 items on Hardcore.
Diablo II Ladder Reset November 28th 2014
The Diablo II Ladder is being reset on November 28th! As usual we will have all kinds of items for sale after just a few hours. We will have normal uniques and some low level gear sets for sale after just a couple of hours, then exceptional gear and runes just a few hours later and of course the Shakos, Mara's and Rune Words before the end of the first day! Good luck in the race to 99!